Our History

Our business started in 1996, when 3 engineers left the Gent fire alarm company to start their own business; Advanced Fire & Security Services Ltd was born. Initially we specialised in Gent systems and have seen the evolution of the Gent detection system though several stages. Single panels to networked solutions, ionisation detectors to multi-sensors, we rode the wave and used our knowledge today to service systems that are as old as our business.

With the evolution of technology and the introduction of open protocol solutions, we expanded our business to include these systems - along with complementary solutions - to enhance our customers safety.

Today, we serve London and the South East of England offering fire detection, fire extinguishing, disabled refuge, emergency communications and voice alarm systems.

Our Qualifications

We ensure that all our engineers are qualified to the latest technical standards and certifications. Our training processes cover both the legal, regulatory requirements, the product manufacturer’s certification courses and all the requirements for working in the specialist industries that we serve.

We use independent third party auditors to ensure that we stay up to date and experts in fire protection.

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Responsive
  • Conscientious
  • Experts with older Gent systems

We believe in quality and doing a job the right way. Fire protection is for life.

Bob Howard