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We believe in quality and doing a job the right way. Fire protection and security is about life.

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In the year 1996, three highly skilled engineers, who had honed their expertise at the prestigious Gent fire alarm company, made the bold decision to embark on a new venture. They founded Advanced Fire & Security Services Ltd, and thus began a journey that would establish them as experts in their field.

From the outset, the company specialized in Gent systems, having witnessed the evolution of the Gent detection system through numerous stages of development. As technology advanced, the company adapted and flourished, demonstrating their proficiency in servicing systems that had been in use for decades.

As the industry continued to evolve, Advanced Fire & Security Services Ltd were at the forefront, embracing new technologies and open protocol solutions. This expanded their offerings and enabled them to provide their customers with even greater levels of safety and security.

Today, the company proudly serves the people of London and the South East of England, offering a comprehensive range of fire protection and security solutions. These include fire detection, fire extinguishing, disabled refuge, emergency communications, voice alarm systems, intrusion detection, and cctv. All of which are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of those they protect.

The expertise and experience gained over a quarter of a century have made Advanced Fire & Security Services Ltd a trusted name in the industry, and a true testament to the ingenuity and determination of its founding engineers.

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We understand that safety and security are of the utmost importance, and that’s why we are dedicated to assessing and tailoring the best solution for each and every one of our clients.