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Access Control

Access control systems restrict access within an environment; a building, a room or a site to approved people.



Through the use of tokens (cards, rf keys, RFID), keypads or biometrics (face, iris, fingerprint) access is restricted to authorised personel only.



Knowing who enters and exits your restricted areas is monitored by the system. Tokens can be unique to an individual and can be combined with a biometric element.



Authenticated user are able to enter the restricted space through perimeter gates, bollards, doors, elevators, …

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Over time access control systems have evolved to integrate with other systems or have multiple functionality. The door with a lock is an access control system and so is a computer connected to multiple doors with many reader, users and automation systems. We have the experience to select the right product for your building and system whether you need tokens (cards, RFID, RF), biometric or card token readers and automation system (gates, bollards, sliding doors, revolving doors, elevators).

We select our products based on technology, quality and reputation to deliver outstanding system reliability.

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