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A quality CCTV system is the visual layer in a security solution to protect your business. Deterrent, Evidence and more.



Cameras are a deterrent for certain types of activities and choosing the right camera technology and placement is important.



Being able to review what actually happened is a great benefit. Whether this is as evidence for a past incident, quality control, employee monitoring, behaviour analysis or process improvement. The video show the truth.


Video Analysis

A great way to spot suspicious behaviour or activities. Choose between manned operations, algorithms or a combination of both.

More Information

Like most systems a poor input yields a poor output. CCTV cameras should be matched to their applications. If you want to record faces then a low resolution camera will not work. Want to recognise faces at night then additional technologies are required. A good camera will allow for facial recognition, numberplate recognition, motion detection, smoke detection and other analysis systems to be accurate. Having historical recorded video as evidence enables all interested parties to see what happened as well as potentially influencing it happening in the first place.

CCTV systems are often integrated with both access control systems and intruder detection systems to create a holistic layered security solution to protect a businesses assets, employees, visitors and customers.

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