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Extinguishing systems

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Extinguishing systems

Extinguishing systems whether portable or fixed are for suppressing fires. It’s advisable that people are trained to use portable extinguishers to fight fire.


Gas, Powder or Water

Depending on the type of the fire the best method to extinguish it – remove the heat, oxygen or fuel with the correct substance.


Portable or fixed install

Portable extinguishers are usually selected for the hazard they are located by. Fixed installation cover a much larger location and require more care and planning.


Asset protection

Designed to protect assets fixed installations are required to operate when required. Backup power, activation and early detection are required for them to be effective.

More Information

There are many suppressing agents to choose from for portable fire extinguishers, including the volume of the extinguisher itself. Our expertise will help you pick the right type for your hazard. Which ever portable extinguisher you choose – keep it maintained and ready for use.

IT rooms, data centers, and other areas of high value often require highly sensitive smoke and heat detection to prevent the fire from starting. It’s much better to have no fire where business continues than a room where the fire is extinguished, but business stops. Talk to our experts about the risks and solutions.

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