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Fire Detection Products

Fire detection is an important part of building safety and any systems must meet local product and maintenance standards.


Smoke, Heat, CO, Flame

Choose best detection technology for the area to be protected or a combination or all detection methods in a multi-sensor.



The control panels and systems we choose scale from a single room to networked campus to provide complete coverage.


False Alarms

False alarms cause disruption, a loss of time and productivity. The products we use have algorithms built in to minimise false alarms and manage detection strategies.

More Information

There are many options when selecting the technology for your fire detection system, although the overriding consideration is that all the equipment must meet performance regulation and standards, and be maintained in a working condition.

We have many years experience selecting the best technology and products for your business and property.

Technology Choices

Open protocol (a different manufacturer for sensors, sounders and control panel

Whatever route we choose we provide maintenance to ensure you comply with your legal responsibilities and more importantly have a working system when you need it.

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