High rise commercial building protected by fire detection, extinguishing, disabled refuge and voice evacuation

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Commercial Property

Small offices, high rise office towers, factories and manufacturing plants, warehousing and retail, or even historic buildings are a few places where businesses make their home. Where ever it is a business is responsible for creating a save and secure environment irrespective of the unique environmental challenges in the location.


Fire Protection

Fire Detection, extinguishing and safe egress for all employees and visitors.



Detection of intruders, safe guarding property and controlling access to sensitive locations.



Taking care of visitors, special hazards and sensitive areas.

More Information

We understand the types of hazards differ greatly from a small office to a multistorey office tower, or factory to a warehouse. We consider the number of employees, the nature of the environment; small, huge, old, clean room, hazardous materials, sensitive, few people, many people,.. to name a few when we work with you to design the protection for your business, employees and customer.