A luxury hotel room with access control and fire protection systems.


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Fact sheet

Hosptiality Property

People love to go out to eat, explore and stay in new places. We take great care to ensure that they are protected from fire and security risks in these foreign environments.


Fire Protection

Protecting a restaurant kitchen is vastly different from protecting a hotel or cabin in the mountains. Smoke and heat detection and extinguishing are options.



In Hotels many people are staying, visiting or possibly planning something else. It’s important that you have access control and intrusion for your safety and theirs.



No hotel, restaurant, stadium or any other hospitality property is the same. People are unfamiliar with the environment and may have mobility issues.

More Information

Over the past few years the accommodation sector has evolved; new standards and enhanced performance requirements have been introduced. A heavy focus on false alarm reduction, evacuation strategy and the integration of detection and voice alarm have greatly improved the safety in these sectors. We can help you understand the requirements for your venue from shared accommodation to multi-storey hotels.