A hospital corridor with a manual call point for life protection.


Fact sheet

Medical Properties

Medical properties cover a vast spectrum from doctors offices to sterile operating theatres, supported by IT and many other internal services. Comprehensive solutions work best.


Fire Protection

There are many flammable hazards in your typical hospital or doctors surgery. Highly sensitive detection technologies and voice evacuation may be a good fit.



Lots of high value assets, sensitive data and locations combined with many members of the general public visiting. A layered strategy is advised for best coverage, security and safety.



Old and even historical buildings, multiple hazards, high volume of visitors some with limited mobility, many sensitive areas and information, combined with lots of legislation.

More Information

We started by providing a comprehensive fire solution for our customers and have evolved to integrate more and varied safety and security solutions as our customers asked us. Today we offer a total solution for all types of medical facilities.