A train station protected with fire detection and voice evacuation systems


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Fact sheet

Transportation Property

The transportation industry is a complex and ever-evolving sector that plays a critical role in connecting people and businesses. Keeping people and goods moving requires specialist knowledge and experience to minimise the Fire and Security risks.


Fire Protection

Detecting fires in tunnels, trains, offices and remote buildings uses many technologies including optical, aspirating, video and flame.



Many highly accessible areas and high value assets make a comprehensive layered security approach a must. Motion, sound, vibration detection combined with CCTV and access restrictions are a good start.



Hazardous, harsh environments, remote unmanned assets, limited evacuation routes, restrictive working, high legislation and safety certifications – Experience count and we have it.

More Information

Transportation properties are some of the most demanding that we work on. A highly varied environment with many work restrictions and unique safety certifications are required to service these properties. Our experienced engineers are qualified for SENTINEL, PTS, QAF, LUCAS, ERA and TUBELINES working to provide exceptional service.