Risk Assessment It's your responsibility

If you own a business then you are bound by law to perform a fire risk assessment. This is a good thing as you are investing in the future of your business. A risk assessment to meet the requirements of the RRO (Regulatory Reform Order) is not a complex or onerous undertaking. It’s a visual inspection of the fire hazards, the people and the evacuation options within your business. It shows you where the risk is and allows you to mitigate it, whether this is through prevention, protection, systems, fire fighting equipment or evacuation. It enables you to protect your business. We provide a thorough risk assessment service that is bespoke to your business, help you understand the implications of any findings, and keep you the right side of the law.

System Design Fire alarm, extinguishing & communications

A good design takes into account the environment and the use of your building putting in place the right systems for the size of your building. Whether this is detection equipment, fixed gas fire fighting equipment, portable extinguishers or evacuation sounders and lighting we'll design your system to meet your business requirements and the requirements of the fire protection standards (BS 5839, BS5306, BS 7273, BS EN 15004 and BS 5446) and the Law (reglatory reform order). If you need an old system replaced, have a new building or your business has grown into new premises we can extend, upgrade, replace or create new designs to fit with you. Call us to design the fire protection for your business.

Installation Neat, tidy and easy to maintain

A good installation not only looks good, but potentially extends the life of the system too. We use high quality components and skilled engineers to ensure all products are installed to the highest standards.

Commissioning Test and make sure it works

Your fire protection systems and components are only as good as their performance. For each new installation, upgrade or replacement system we complete a comprehensive series of performance checks and tests to ensure correct and responsive performance. All our engineers are certified by the manufacturers to work on their systems ensuring a speedy configuration and testing of your systems.

Service Visits Fix it when it breaks

Whether you have a large number of sites or just the one, unexpected things happen. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to come to your assistance. It’s your business and you need to protect it from fire. We can offer anything up from a 2 hour response and will get you up and running again whether the contractor has cut the cables by accident, welding has set off the smoke alarms or a water leak has damaged the detectors. Call us to solve your urgent fire protection problems.

Maintenance It keeps working if you maintain it.

Maintenance is planned. Just like your car, just like airplanes; systems perform best and work for a longer period of time when they are checked and adjusted on a regular basis. It is also required by Law that you perform maintenance on all fire protection on the premises. From the quarterly visit to the annual extinguisher service we keep your systems performing and you compliant whilst you focus on running your business.

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