picture of smoke detector
Fire Alarm and Detection

Detect the fire

These systems are all about detecting the presence of a fire and alerting the people in the building to the fire. From ultra fast detection to multi-sensors our designers will pick the best detection for each area in the building delivering the most reliable system. We have been using Gent fire alarm systems for over 20 years and we are familiar with all of them. From the Series 3400, to the current generation of Vigilon networked systems, we installed and still maintain many systems over 10 years old. Over the past years open protocol systems have been introduced combining fire products from different manufacturer’s. We support Advanced Fire MX series, Apollo detection and Morley-IAS by Honeywell for your open-protocol systems. All analogue addressable and conventional systems comply with the requirements of EN54 and BS5839.

picture of microphon and amplifier
Voice Alarm

Sound the alarm

A voice alarm system provides live and recorded announcements to assist in the management of any emergency within the building. Research has proven that people react faster to a voice providing instructions than a fire bell ringing. Voice evacuation systems (voice alarm) integrate into the fire system and together they provide the detection and alarm components for buildings that require them. From small offices to hospitals we design the acoustic coverage to meet the intelligibility that voice announcements demand. Clear emergency announcements. All systems comply with the requirements of EN54-16:2008 and BS5839-8.(VACIE)

picture of fire telephone system
Emmergency Communication

Manage the incident

Emergency voice communication (or EVC) systems provide two-way communication during the evacuation of a building during a fire or other emergency. This type of system is often referred to as a fire telephone and is also known as a Type A outstation in BS5839-9:2011. It is often used to help businesses comply with the requirements of BS9999:2008

picture of three portable fire extinguishers
Portable Extinguishing

Control the fire

Portable fire extinguishers are part of every building’s fire protection strategy and have a place in managing the risk in your premises. We offer a complete range of portable extinguishers of all sizes and types to cover every building use and size. Water, carbon dioxide, foam or dry powder types os extinguishers to match the local hazard and comply with EN3.

picture of fixed extinguisher head
Fixed Extinguishing

High risk area or site wide

For buildings where it’s essential to quickly put out any fire, fixed extinguishing systems offer the solution. These systems comprise sprinklers, pipes, valves, and the extinguishing element. We specialise in gaseous extinguishing systems for all your high risk areas.

picture of disabled refuge communicaton system
Disabled Refuge

Communications for the less mobile

A disabled refuge communication system provides hands free communications from a designated refuge area to a management point. It is normally provided as part of a larger emergency communication system. Disabled assist alarms provide a means for people to call for assistance, such as a disabled toilet. All systems comply with BS 5839-11:2008.

picture of a nurse call system
Nurse Call Systems

Help in a second

A nurse call system provides an easy way for a patient or resident to call for assistance. We supply wired or wireless systems that fit nicely into care homes, hospital wards and other care facilities. All our systems comply with BS 8300: 2009.

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